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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

a day of mourning

it is supposed to be a festive season: a time to eat and be merry (and eventually end up as a parietal cell - bundat na bundat). but no, a day ago, my beloved laptop crashed. i stared blankly and helplessly at the blue screen which just displayed about 4 or 5 lines, with the words FATAL ERROR sticking to my rested brain. sad..sad..sad..

and so i'm serving crackers and coffee at home, with two sets of baraha and a chessboard available for those who want to join me in my mourning..

ever since i got that laptop, i was so OC that i arranged the files into folders every now and then.. but now, nothing's left of those files.. i have nothing to arrange and this had to happen at a time when i had a lot of hours to spare just to be a freak and arrange files and rename them and so on..though i would have thrown a fit and plunged into a prolonged state of abulia if the crashing happened not during this break. but that was not possible because i hardly turned my laptop on during the november and december class days because i was busy with school (more with the extracurricular stuff than the acads) and more because it had some internal conflicts to resolve..aha, internal conflicts.. i could hardly open an email because an error window would appear..blah...blah...blah..

i sought help..spyware i tried to fix the problem but i was unsuccessful. i was hoping that i would be able to fix my laptop so that i don't have to lug it all the way here in cotabato..heck, 1.9 kgs is still heavy and i so wanted my arms to be free during the whole airport experience so that i could immensely enjoy my business class flight..but no, i had to bring it home to get my brother to fix it (and end up looking like a xmas tree in the airport and i had to be extra careful since i had a laptop with me, which i didn't bother using in the mabuhay lounge just so i wouldn't have to worry about putting it back in the bag and all that hassle).

he tried his best to bring my lappie back to its former self..then one night, it happened..lappie gave up..FLAT LINE..toooooooooooooooooot..nothing but a FLAT LINE....well, that is, if lappie was a living this case, we were met by a blue screen which said it all in two words: FATAL ERROR..i was almost reduced to tears because i thought of all the work stored in my laptop and all the memories too..i had a gazillion pictures in there..and not all were copied to a cd.. and more than a month ago, i lost my camera's CF card so byebye to all those recent pictures..may their memories be stored completely within my brain..may my neurons never fail me..

so i mourn..for my laptop..

but there's a glimmer of hope..there is after all laptop will be back by tomorrow but this time, with a clean slate..a clean, BLANK slate: devoid of files and will never ever be the same..

tomorrow, INSHAALLAH, i shall stop serving coffee and crackers and stow away the chessboard and the two decks of baraha..instead, spaghetti, fried chicken and cake will be served! the bringing back to life of my laptop, sans the files, still deserves a feast!

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

happy birthday to me!

baso ni maria!
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happy birthday to me!

with the funtastic four and the villain
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happy birthday to me!

sa labas ng yellow cab
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happy birthday to me!

gorgeous gil, exciting elaine, kissable kathy, sexy sheng!!!
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happy birthday to me!

from the other end
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happy birthday to me!

at yellow cab...
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Monday, September 26, 2005


Maintaining a blog is not really a skill of mine. In fact, this is already my second blog. I let the first one deteriorate, deteriorate?!?! - for lack of the proper term. My head's really just stuffed with lemnisci, geniculate nuclei, etc. since Saturday. Waaah! The closer we are to the end of the semester, the more I want to scream, or a lazy couch potato! I really just want the sem to end. I know it should not be like this. I mean there are still 4 1/2 semesters to go, but I really just want to lie down and read a good book, which in any way is NOT an academic one.

What I'm feeling right now is probably a hangover form the wonderful weekend that I had. Saturday was a semi-productive day for me. I had another chance to spend a day with my dad and enjoy the comfort of a hotel room with a television all for my own pleasure. And well, I was able to read a couple of transes and manage to finish up two chapters of neuro.

Sunday was of course extra special. I walked my way to McDo at the corner of Taft and Pedro Gil and got myself pancakes, hash brown and milo. Yummy! It was a long walk, but definitely worth the effort! Hihi! I was with Daddy for lunch, after which we headed back to the hotel so that I could review a bit before totally enjoying an evening with friends. While reading neuro (again!), I was happily watching as the Green Archers humbled the Blue Eagles! O yeah! Haha! The time came for me to go back to the dorm and watch my dad ride off in a taxi. This just reminds me that I just celebrated my third birthday away from home. I'm betting that the next 8 will be spent the same way. Awww...

Then the evening came. Time to celebrate!

Gosh. It's 5:44 pm na! I have to go..I'll continue my story some other time. And I'll attach pics pa! O diba!

A gorgeous lady is waiting for me and cups of coffee are screaming our names...Sigh...

But don't even think that I'm depressed. I am not. What I am is plain tamad! Tired...not depressed.

I still am smiling. Behind the smile, behind the smile, behind the smile.....there are...

tears? nah....

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

makalipas ang ilang araw...

Huwag mo lang pansinin, lilipas din ang lahat. Tingnan mo nga naman, ika-7 na ng Setyembre, 2005. Kaarawan na ni Maan sa isang araw. Sa susunod na linggo, panahon na upang magpuyat ng todo dahil may exam na naman. Parang kailan lang ng binibilang ko kung ilang linggo na ba ang dumaan, kung gaano katagal pa ba ang bakasyon. Pero, pero, pero, whoa! Humigit-kumulang isang buwan na lamang ang natitira sa semestreng ito! Mabuhay! Gusto ko ng umuwi! Hmm, gusto ko na magrelax... Matulog ng matagal...Manood ng TV ng isang buong araw...

At pagsapit ng inaasam na bakasyon, ganoon din kabilis dadaan ang mga araw.

At sa muling paggising ko, andito na uli ako sa Maynila.

Puting uniporme. BSLR-East. Trans. Smileys. Exams.

Balik sa dating gawi.

Ngunit huwag mag-alala. Huwag lamang papansinin, lilipas din ang lahat...

at darating ang araw na...

doktor na ako.

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Friday, August 19, 2005

mama miya and kids
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Saturday, July 23, 2005

who what where


1. UAAP (UP Maroons)
-UP Fight!!! Darn it! Natalo kanina ng UE Red Warriors ang UP Fighting Maroons! I was watching the action live at the Araneta Coliseum, and well, things didn't really look good for the Maroons (with or without the "bad" calls).
2. Dr. Bundoc
-great lecturer!!!!! He makes the lecture very interesting, which is the most effective way to fight the alpha waves of sleep.
3. my scrub suits
-soooooooo colorful!!! soooooooo cute!!!!
4. Acupuncture shoes
-They really are very colorful and they go really well with my white med uniform! :)
5. brachial plexus
-Ahh..This lecture was the very first that I mastered for the OS203 first lecture exam.
6. new laptop
-Basta mahal ko ito!
7. goblet cell
-Goblet cells are so easy to identify. Good thing one question in the Lab exam asked for this structure to be identified! Whopeee!
8. Cupa Java
-"Sosyal!" This is where it all began.
9. odontoid process
-Wala lang. Feel ko lang!
10. bag of highlighters
-I can't study properly without a highlighter. I feel that I'm not absorbing anything if I don't highlight what I'm reading. I use 5 highlighters, the two most commonly used being the orange and yellow. I put them all in a pink bag, one that is supposedly used for sunglasses. It's what I lug around when i'm seriously studying. :)

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Saturday, July 02, 2005

my stitches' monthsary

June 27, 2005 marked the first month anniversary of my beloved stitches!!! *cheers*

After fifteen days, my stitches should completely heal!!!! SHOULD! SHOULD! SHOULD!

O dear I hope they do by then!!!!!!


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hot, hot, hot!

Grrrr! Ayan, may sakit ako!

I took my temperature last night and the thermometer read 38 C! I was watching the Unlocking the Da Vinci Code on the National Geographic Channel but I wasn't able to finish it because my feet were so hooooooot! My entire body was definitely hyperthermic but my feet were hotter than my other body parts! I must have seen only 1/3 or at most half of the show, and honestly, I wasn't entirely focused on the show due to my high temp. Here are what I recall from what I saw last night:

1. Was Mary Magdalene really a prostitute?
2. Were Jesus and Mary Magdalene really married?
3. Was there biblical evidence to support no. 2?
4. Did the place Migdala (or was it Migdal) exist during the time of Jesus?
5. There were a lot of paintings shown last night that depicted Mary Magdalene and the various biblical stories (is this how you call them?) about her.
6. The narrator was a female.
7. Dan Brown....Dan Brown...So that's how he looks like!

I really wanted to finish that show, but my body was just not up to it. And well, my health should come first. I just hope there would be a replay someday.

I slept early (so early that I also missed Crime Night on the Discovery Channel). It was not exactly a good sleep. Heavens, I slept with the face towel on my forehead! I forgot to take it off because a few minutes after I put it on my forehead, I already went to beddy-bye-land. I was supposed to call my Mom that night but uhmm, you know what happened. Thus, she was so worried that she called around 7:45 this morning to check on me. It was still too early for me to wake up. Hmph! I tried to sleep again but I wasn't able to. Ho-hum.

I felt better this morning than I did last night. Hooray!

But now, I can feel my temperature rising again. Darn!

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I miss her...big time!
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